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9. mar. 2009

Hvor kommer navnet “alpakka” fra?

“Alpaca” er et spansk ord som kommer fra Aymara-indianernes “allpacu” eller Quechua-indianernes “pacos” og “pacoshas”. Disse indianerne var de opprinnelige alpakkaeierne.

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Where from comes the name “alpaca”?

Alpaca is a Spanish word derived from the Aymara name allpacu or the Quechua names pacos or pacoshas. The Aymara and Quechua people were the traditional owners of Alpacas.

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But now the difficult question - Vicugna Pacos or Lama Pacos?

I often wondered..I have two female alpacas, one called Aymara and one called have explained all to me...I had often wondered where there names came from or what they meant..Thanks...Jayne

It would be nice to get that discussion over with. ITIS says Llama Pacos:

I feel a blog posting coming on.... :)

We found this quote:

In the eighteenth and nineteen centuries, the four South American camelid species were assigned scientific names. At that time, the alpaca was assumed to be descended from the llama, ignoring similarities in size, fleece, and dentition between the alpaca and the vicuña. Classification was complicated by the fact that all four species of South American camelid can interbreed and produce fertile offspring. It was not until the advent of DNA technology that a more accurate classification was possible.

In 2001, the alpaca genus classification changed from Lama pacos to Vicugna pacos in many taxonomies following the presentation of a paper (Wheeler et al. 2001) on alpaca DNA to the Royal Society showing that the alpaca is descended from the vicuña, not the guanaco. The relationship between alpacas and vicuñas was disputed for many years, but Wheeler's DNA work provided substantial evidence of the relationship. However, many academic websites have not caught up with or embraced this change.


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Alpakkagenser for hunder, Frosty Fair Isle Besøk alpakkabutikken vår med klær til mennesker og dyr!

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Kona og jeg har startet et bedre liv sammen, og alpakkaoppdrett er en stor del av det på dette fine småbruket vi har kjøpt!
My wife and I have started a better life, and alpaca breeding is a big part of it here at our small country farm.